Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Shipment of Imperial Yarns Columbia!

We've just received a new shipment (in both shops) of Imperial Yarns Columbia!  $17/hank for 4oz.

So fresh we don't even have it on our shop online page.  Stop in or give us a call. It's incredible! Here's the scoop from the Imperial Yarns Website:

Columbia 2-Ply Yarn

You’ve found our original and most adaptable yarn. A basic worsted weight yarn, our Columbia 2-Ply is mule spun, giving it a character similar to hand spun. It yields smooth, cozy creations with a weighty feel to them. Available in a medley of 31 vibrant colors, the Columbia 2-Ply is an ideal choice for medium-weight sweaters, gloves, hats—any sort of outerwear, actually—as well as tote bags, socks and slippers. It’s easy to work with, making this a wonderful yarn to use when applying Fair Isle or Intarsia knitting techniques.