Friday, February 22, 2013

Get To Know The Crazy Girls!

Ever wonder who those 'Crazy' girls are who work and teach in our shops?  Here's your chance! Each week we'll be asking questions of our staff members, starting with the newly certified The Knitting Guild Association Master Knitter and Cedar Falls instructor Nancy Simet.

1.What is your favorite yarn?  

Cascade 220.  It's the perfect all-purpose yarn and knits up beautifully.  

2. Favorite Pattern?

Pomatomus.  That I haven't made yet? St. Brigid Sweater.

3. Favorite Knitting Tip? 

Use stitch markers every 25-30 stitches when you cast on hundreds of stitches for a shawl. It makes it easier to keep count. 

4. Favorite Designer?

Alice Starmore

5. Something Fun About Yourself?

I grew up in Florida, but I don't swim because I'm afraid of deep water.