Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ravelry In-Store Patterns from Crazy Girl Yarn Shops

Have you heard of the Ravelry in-store option? Every day more and more patterns are available for purchase through Ravelry at Crazy Girl! We're loving the Ravelry in-store options like the below:

Try "Vodka Gimlet" by Baby Cocktails in Cascade 220!  This snappy cardigan takes 1100-1600 yards using size 7 needles.  Purchase the pattern in-store at Crazy Girl and have fun choosing from an array of colors!

Imperial Yarn's "Fingerless French Mousle" mitts are a cute and warm way to fight off the winter blues!  The pattern calls for Imperial's Tracie Too and is knit in a slip stitch pattern. Purchase the yarn and pattern at Crazy Girl and make your hands happy!

How about a pair of socks using Blue Ridge Kaleidoscope?  This "Roger Sock" pattern comes in three sizes, and uses just one skein of our new favorite sock yarn!   Purchase the pattern and yarn at Crazy Girl today!