Monday, September 24, 2012

Knitten Mitten Contest!

We’re looking to fill the front windows at our Coralville location and we need YOUR help! How? By knitting mittens! What’s in it for you? Funny you should ask! A contest!
Knit as many mittens as you want--each mitten gets an entry, and you get three entries for a pair, or for a more “fancy” mitten--ie, Fair Isle or Cables.
The winner gets a Knitter’s Care Basket, including:
  • $25 Gift Certificate
  • Project bag
  • Coffee mug
  • Lo-Lo Bar
  • Bar of Coffee Soap
  • Bottle of Eucalan
Deadline is December 1st. Turn in your mittens to either the Coralville or Cedar Falls store. If you live far off and want to particulate, we'd love it!  Feel free to send the mittens to either store.
We can’t wait to see our windows fill with YOUR mittens!
Stash may be used, but please ask a staff member before using it. We would like for the mittens to be made of a similar yarn to something we currently carry. :)