Friday, June 4, 2010

Update on Addi Lace Clicks

This news just in from Skacel, distributor of Addi Turbos:

"In an attempt to keep you updated on the status of the Addi Lace Clicks, here is where we stand… Since the release of the 100 prototype sets at the YMN Conference, we have been working hand in hand with our manufacturer to improve on the needles where recommended. Our most difficult feat has been to create a coating on the Lace tips that will prevent them from both tarnishing and interacting with body chemistry. Thus far, we have not found a solution that at the same time, allows for the snag-free join and smooth knitting we have become accustomed to. We have contemplated nickel plating the Lace tips, but have found that a majority of our Lace needle knitters enjoy the “extra bite” that the brass offers, thus have decided not to go in that direction. As it stands right now, we will be producing the Lace Click tips in the same fashion as the circular Lace needles; a brass that is treated to reduce tarnishing, but with no coating. Our intention is to have the sets ready to ship end of summer. We will continue to ensure that you are all kept up-to-date on this situation. We truly thank you all for your continued patience.

On the topic of the Lace needles, we’d like to address the situation with the discoloration of them a little deeper. The Lace needles have hollow brass tips, just like the Turbo needles, except they are not nickel plated. This allows the needles to be a less slick than the Turbo, which can be a blessing when knitting lace patterns. Brass naturally has a tendency to tarnish, and though the tips are treated to help prevent this, they are not coated, thus in some circumstances, they will still tarnish. Conversely, the nice thing about tarnish is, that it can be easily removed with a micro-fiber cloth or a polishing cloth. Although we have been trying to find a solution, we have not found a coating or method that would totally prevent tarnishing and still allow smooth knitting and joins. Until we do so, we are happy to exchange any lace needles your customers are unhappy with, with Turbo or Natura needles. We could replace them with another set of Lace needles, but if they discolored for a customer once, chances are good that it will happen to that customer again.

We will soon be putting a rider on the packaging of the Lace needles stating that they are made of brass, and thus, they may naturally tarnish. However, the tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth and it will not affect the knitting. Please have patience with us as we try to improve our needles, and know, that although a solution will probably not be found overnight, it is continuously being worked on.

Happy Knitting,