Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rosewood Needles by Pony

We are always trying to find new and better products to offer in the Crazy Girl Shops. We recently demo'd these Rosewood needles by Pony. My take is this...I love that they are super pointy. In fact, they could be dangerous in the wrong hands; but for knitting in tight little stitches, they are great. If you have yarn that tends to split easily, though, the pointy tips might present a problem. The needles are also very flexible. For me that's a negative. I don't like the needles to bend in my hand as I'm trying to force it into a stitch. For one it makes me feel like they are going to break and makes it hard to force the needle where I want it to go. But for folks that don't like stiff needles, these could be a winner. They are very smooth also. If it weren't for the bending thing I would use them.